At the age of 27, Robyn Davidson walked three thousand kilometres alone across the Australian desert, with a dog and four camels. She became instantly famous, and to set the record straight, she wrote Tracks – an international best seller, published in 20 languages, never out of print, and made into an international feature film in 2013. That success launched an extraordinary career as a writer, explorer, filmmaker and cultural commentator. She has lived with and written about nomads worldwide, gaining unique insights into ways of thinking that have relevance to our Western life. A heroine and
role model to her millions of readers, she continues to inspire people to move outside their comfort zone.

Robyn is an internationally celebrated and critically acclaimed travel writer. Her books and essays have been read by millions. She is one of only two women to have won the Thomas Cook Travel Book Award.

Besides Tracks, Robyn has published prize-winning fiction, non fiction, and critical essays, written a successful television feature for the ABC, and was a Fellow at Cambridge University where she researched nomadic cultures.

She has immersed herself in diverse cultures, in fantastically remote places and travelled for a year on migration with nomads in India and then in Tibet. (National Geographic photos accompanying.)

Robyn has lectured at The Smithsonian Institute; New York Public Library; Royal Geographical Society; international conferences and has made many personal TV appearances including BBC’s Jeremy Paxman’s Newsnight; Q&A with Tony Jones and an ABC Talking Heads profile.

Selected media:

Dumbo Feather / School of Life ‘In conversation’ live event podcast – Melbourne, September 2017  (45 minutes duration)

Dumbo Feather – Conversations with extraordinary people
Sydney Morning Herald – Linda Morris

Photo: Marion Williams Photography