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Robyn’s unique experiences provide a wonderful platform for her acute observations and broad interests, making her an intensely engaging and uplifting communicator. From nomadism to neurosciences, from desert ecology to animal cognition, she shares her insights in an accessible, humorous, always warm and intimate way.

The tone of her key note talks range from big picture grand themes (e.g. the state of the planet; the fate of Aboriginal Australia), to more candid and personal anecdotes from her extraordinary life.

She persuades audiences that different cultural perceptions and previous modes of thinking can enrich and expand Western thought, pointing out that nomadic methods of managing resources are currently being applied by multinational companies to stimulate innovation in surprisingly effective ways. And she demonstrates that all of us can enrich our lives, if we are prepared to test the boundaries of convention.

Stunning National Geographic photographs and film clips illustrate her public talks.


  • Inside ‘Tracks’. The story behind the book and the film. (National Geographic photographs and clips from the film accompanying.)
  • Nomadism and its surprising relevance to modern life. These ways of thinking are being applied by some large corporations to facilitate innovation and success.
  • Insights gained into Aboriginal Australia.
  • Desert ecology and the changing Australian landscape.
  • The assets and liabilities of being a woman stepping outside of tradition.
  • The importance of being able to unplug from our hyperconnected world, and simplify our lives.

A naturally gifted engaging and entertaining communicator, Robyn shares her life story of hard work, persistence, patience and determination to triumph over adversity.
Rick Smolan, National Geographic magazine photographer

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